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Voted Home of the Week

I received a call a few weeks ago from a listing agent who worked with a staging company in the past and is familiar with the concept of home staging.  However, this time the home wasn’t vacant and his staging company only stages vacant homes.  Some of the agents in his office referred La Dolce Vita (LDV) Home Staging to him and he contacted us.

His clients needed help getting their home ready for sale while continuing to occupy the property; no problem for us. We scheduled an appointment for me to meet his clients,  take pictures of the property and to prepare a staging proposal, which was presented to the listing agent for review. The sellers were willing to prepare the home for staging as per our suggestions.

On the day of staging the accredited staging professional of LDV came in to finish the staging. Furniture was rearranged and  warm accessories such as pillows, bedding, towels, throws, art and plants were added.

The home was put up for sale and voted “home of the week” by the local real estate professionals. The credit for a quick sale doesn’t go to the staging company but to the team, the listing agent, the sellers and the staging company, who worked together to get the home ready for sale.

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Professional photos property of the listing agent; printed with permission.

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Staging to Live! What does that mean?

You are a REALTOR® going on a listing presentation. You know that the seller is interviewing more than one real estate professional. What do you offer that other agents may not? Have you considered offering your seller “home staging” as a marketing tool? It will help YOU sell your listing faster and help your seller determine what to pack up early and how to best present their home for the prospective buyer.

STAGING TO LIVE is a great tool for sellers who continue to live in their homes until it is sold!

How does Staging to Live work?
Give us a call for a free estimate of your staging needs. We will visit the property and give you a quote for staging which depends on your client’s budget and their willingness to implement the changes themselves. We can prepare a detailed staging report outlining all necessary changes in every room of the property to get the home ready for sale, which the seller can implement themselves. When they are ready La Dolce Vita Home Staging will visit a second time for a final consultation and fine tuning the staging.


LDV Home Staging can stage the property. La Dolce Vita Home Staging can supplement any accessories or furniture needed for the “make-over” however, we can re-purpose the homeowners possessions to reduce the staging  rental fee for you or your client.


Bedroom 2

Before Staging to Live

Bedroom 2

After Staging to Live

Bedroom 2

Before Staging to Live

Before and After  Staging to Live.

After Staging to Live.

Living Room

Before Staging to Live

After Staging to Live

After Staging to Live


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The way you live in your home is not the way to market and sell your home.

My client sellers listed their home on two occasions without selling.  In 2007 their home was listed for 8 months. In 2008 the price was reduced and listed for 6 months. In 2013 they hired a different real estate agent who suggested they contact La Dolce Vita Home Staging to stage the “Sweet Life” for them. During our first visit we assess the client’s needs and budget and prepare a staging consultation. In this case we presented the sellers with a consultation report and the sellers implemented all the suggestions in the report.  When the home was ready to be staged the professional home staging team at La Dolce Vita Home Staging completed the home staging with additional accessories and correct placement of furniture. The sellers and home staging team worked together within the clients’ budget.

They listed again in 2013 and sold their home in 28 days.

What was their staging investment? A (complimentary) consultation, a staging report, their time to prepare the home for staging (as per staging report) and a second visit by our staging team to re-purpose the homeowners’ furniture and fine tune the staging.

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Staged New Listing in Santa Clara, CA



This gem is located near Santa Clara University with quick access to all major freeways, Caltrain, San Jose Airport and downtown San Jose.

This single family 3 bed 2 1/2 bath home is listed for $640,000.  It is 1,246 sq.ft.

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Sold in 10 days


This single family home is 2807 sq.ft. has 5 bedrooms 3 bath and is located on a 12,196 sq.ft. property in Morgan Hill.  Listing agent contacted us to help seller getting property ready for sale. After a staging consultation the seller prepared the home for sale according to the recommendations of La Dolce Vita Home Staging.  La Dolce Vita Home Staging went to work to complete the final step of the preparation process and staged the home using some of the sellers furniture.

This property sold in 10 days with multiple offers.

La Dolce Vita Home Staging – Staging the Sweet Life!

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Staged property beating the competition again.

A smart real estate agent knows that staging a listing is part of a good marketing plan.  Some agents make staging a mandatory part of the listing agreement.


Because they know that their home stager will help them get the property sold quicker for more money.

Where is the Proof?

Here in this blog. The numbers proof it again and again.

A listing agent  recently accepted two listings in the same neighborhood, as a matter-of-fact just around the corner from each other, days apart.

One of the properties was vacant without any upgrades and needed to be competitive.
The sellers agreed to stage their  home:

  • home size 2,475 square feet,
  • 4 bed/3 bath home
  • lot size 9,147 square feet lot
  • no upgrades
  • List price per square foot was $271.72
  • Home sold in 26 days  
  • Sale price per square foot $262.63

Similar homes in escrow:

  • on the market an average of 149 days,
  • average size was 2,411 square fee
  • average price per square foot is $235.54

Calculate your savings with staging: 2,475 square feet multiplied by $235.54 equals $582,961.50.  This home sold for $650,000 that is a profit of $67,038.50 minus the staging investment.

Wait there is more …..

They sold in less than a month which also means they have fewer mortgage, insurance, taxes and utility payments.

La Dolce Vita Home Staging – Staging the Sweet Life!

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Fine Staging Example

In the heart of Gilroy, California a new homeowner decided to completely gut the property he just acquired and start over.  And thus his “little” project started as any project with a plan and a dream, however, the plan changed along the way and the footprint of the home increased. After some hurdles and challenging the project neared completion and a real estate professional was hired.

Brenda, the listing agent, understood the investment the homeowner made in renovating this property and in order to compete with existing properties for sale on the very same street she needed to be different in order to receive the highest possible sale price in the shortest amount of time. And so she contacted La Dolce Vita Home Staging.

La Dolce Vita Home Staging offers a wide range of services and prides itself of working within the budget of the client. After talking with Brenda it was decided to stage the living and dining rooms, kitchen, both bathrooms and the master suite. The other three bedrooms were left unstaged so that budget goals could be met.

The property was placed on the multiple listing system (MLS) on March 8, 2012 with a list price of $369,000.  On 4/3/12 the list price of the home was reduced to $350,000 still well above the list price of similar homes in the area. Price per square foot for similar homes for sale, pending sale or sold in the past 4 months on the same street was $218.51. The price per square foot for this home currently under contract is $243.39.  This home was staged by La Dolce Vita Home Staging and on the market for 34 days when the sellers accepted an offer. A similar home next door has been on the market for 165 days at a list price of $275,000 or $228 per square foot.

Staging Works

La Dolce Vita Home Staging

Living Room Before Staging


Staging the Sweet Life

Living Room After Home Staging

Staging by La Dolce Vita Home Staging

Dining Room Before Home Staging


Dining Room staged by La Dolce Vita Home Staging

Dining Room Staged

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